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toll free in the U.S. (800) 511-7520

Please do leave us a message if we are unable to answer your call live. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. And of course feel free to email us at admin@qualitybargainz.com and we are an internet based company anyway.

Our Company

QualityBargainz, LLC specializes in great pranks and novelty items.

We are priced right for single purchases and larger orders. You won't have to pay through the nose to pick up one or two gags like on most sites.

Want a larger order, super! We have S&H discounts for big purchases ... $9.95 is the most you'll pay for standard S&H with QualityBargainz. If you wish to get quotes for volume discounts, please feel free to email us and ask.

We've been buying and selling on the internet since 1999. QualityBargainz became a Limited Liability Company in the State of Michigan in 2005. Feel free to check out our other sales venues. There you can read what our past customers have had to say. The common theme is great products and fast shipping.

Our Site

QualityBargainz.com does have some of our favorite jokes and prank ideas posted for your entertainment pleasure. Click the "Jokes" or "Ideas" buttons at the top for some free entertainment.

And feel free to browse our practical joke, gags, pranks and novelty items on the left. Click on the catagory buttons on the left to see gallery pictures of available items. Click on their picture for information and purchasing option.

Or check out the great gifts, products and offers from our affiliate sites by clicking on their banners.

Our F.A.Q. section has some very good information on ordering, payment, shipping, etc.

Have you purchased a Pig Nose from us? Send us your picture to use on our site and we'll send you or a friend of yours a FREE Pig Nose!


Get a FREE Pig Nose! When you purchase a Pig Nose from QualityBargainz and email us a picture for us to use of you wearing our Pig Nose, we will send you or a friend of yours within the United States one QualityBargainz Pig Nose absolutely FREE.

Come visit our Pig Nose Fan Page to see people having a blast with our plastic pig noses!

NEW --- Same offer as above but with our Groucho Marx Style Glasses. A great way to share the fun and get FREE stuff. Offer applies to addresses within the U.S.

Come visit our Groucho Marx Style Glasses Fan Page to see people having a blast with our fuzzy nose and glasses!

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