See some great ideas for using these Glow Maggots


Very gross! 1 inch sticky maggots that glow in the dark. Each package comes with 48 fake maggots. Imagine a bowl full of these served up at Halloween. We even know some fishermen that use these for bait (though their tales of success may be fish tales).
$3.99 for each pkg of 48




FAKE COCKROACHES (10 per order)
Perfect for props, decorations, pranks or give-a-ways. Each rubber cockroach is over 2 inches long! Place one in your friends' fridge or on their dinner plate! Perfect accessory for your Halloween decorations. Kids love these!
$2.99 per loose lot of 10

$24.95 per sealed bag of 144



PLASTIC SPIDERS (144 per order)
Perfect for props, decorations, pranks or give-a-ways. Each plastic spider has a "wingspan" of over 2 inches! Comes 144 per package.
$9.99 per bag of 144




22 Inch Fake Spider with Elastic String
Wonderfully large fake spider! Perfect for Halloween decorations or scarey pranks. Big, bad, black, bouncy and borderline creepy! Has an elastic string for hanging. The wingspan on this fake spider is an impressive 22 inches! The body of the spider is approximately 4 inches long.
$2.99 each




This is a truly great prank ... place this on top of a bucket of ice at your summer party for really hard belly-laughs. Imagine your friends' shock and surprise when they look down into their drink and they've got a bug not just floating in their drink ... but an entire bug frozen into the middle of an ice cube!



Drop an Instant Worm into a drink glass, and surprise someone you know! Each package comes with four Instant Worms. They start off looking like little pills, but grow almost magically into full length life-like worms when placed into almost any liquid.
$1.99 each


We have spun-off our VERY popular line of fake rubber snakes to its own web site! It is still part of QualityBargainz. But these are so popular, we felt it deserved it's own site.

Click on the web site link above to see our full selection of fake rubber snakes!




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