Our Name in Lights !!!

At 11:04 AM Pacific Time on April, 10th of 2006 this was seen at led-live.com ... a truly shameless and breath-taking promotion if we do say so ourselves. Many thanks to the person who entered this into the led-live web site. We think we have the best pranks and gags, too!

What a Sweat Heart !!!

How sweat. Valentine's Day in 2006 we received this custom made Valentine's candy heart in the mail. We couldn't bring ourselves to eating such a sweat treat (mainly because, who the heck knows what's in this!). Either that or this is just a belated April Fool's joke and we made this picture at acme.com/heartmaker. We think it is the second one.

Baptist Pig Fest 2004 !!!

And thank you, First Baptist Church, for the wonderful promotion. We were glad our hundreds of Pig Noses were a hit at your fund raiser festival this year! What a marvelous idea you had! What First Baptist Church did was have a children's play and festival with a Three Little Pig's theme. They sold our plastic Pig Noses at $5.00 each and netted over $1000 for their general fund. Way to go! Oh, by the way, April Fools. It is a great fund raising idea, but this "sign" was actually created at www.churchsigngenerator.com. We warned you this was our Shameless Promotions page.

Beer Can Bob™ Plays in our Pig Noses !!!

Have you met Beer Can Bob™ yet? He's one cool can, man! Check out www.beercanbob.com to see his wonderfully funny picture album. You won't believe the number of place and people he has been seen with.

Here, Beer Can Bob™ can be seen playing ontop of a pile of QualityBargainz's own Plastic Pig Noses. He loves 'em ... see his smile?

License to Laugh!!!
If you are cruizing around Michigan, look for me and wave hello. How will you know it is me? Just check out my license plate. I'm not hard to miss.

Raving Fans !!!
I know we've said it before ... people LOVE our novelty Pig Noses. Come visit our Pig Nose Fan Page to see all the people having great fun wearing these pig noses.

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